Saturday, September 09, 2006

Potato fried pies


1 lb peeled potatoes
3 eggs
1 peeled shallot onion
1 medium peeled carrot
3 tsp vegetable oil
½ lb mushrooms
½ lb ground pork, or ground beef, or mix of ground pork and ground beef


Boil potatoes until ready, then drain and grate.
Cool until it is warm, add eggs, and blend.
Fry ground carrots and onions until carrots are mild.
Fry ground meat until the color changes, mixing thoroughly.
Fry ground mushrooms until they soak up their own juice, with low heating.
Use 1 tsp oil for every skillet.
Mix fried ingredients together, add salt and pepper on taste, and mix once more time thoroughly.
Make round "pancakes" from potato dough.
Take 1 piece of the potato dough by a wet hand, make flat, and put 1 tbsp of vegetable-mushrooms-meat mix, cover with a second piece of potato dough, and press the edges together.
Roll pie in breadcrumbs.
Fry in a fryer for 3- 4 minutes, or on a skillet with vegetable oil.
Serve with pickled vegetables and sour cream.


You can use ingredients for stuffing, and other vegetables, or vegetable mix, for dough.


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