Saturday, October 21, 2006

Salt Steelhead


1.5 lb fish (steelhead, rainbow trout, chum salmon, salmon, etc.)
2 tsp large milling salt (coarse sea salt)
1 tbsp sugar or honey


Defrost in a refrigerator if necessary.
Make a cut on the spine. Remove bones.
Mix salt and sugar. Sprinkle fish meat with this mix evenly. Then stack fillets (skin outside), full in the salt. Any salt that does not stick to the fish, put on a clean fabric piece in an even layer. Put fish over it, and roll tightly with the fabric.
Put fish on a flat dish, and place in a refrigerator. Turn it from one side to the other twice a day. Fish is ready in 2 days.
Note: For salmon or chum salmon, you can add spices for fish to salt-sugar mix.


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