Saturday, December 09, 2006

Herring Salad


4 medium boiled potatoes
2 medium boiled beets
2 large herring fillets (de-boned, skinless)
1 medium shallot onion
3 tbsp grated cheese
3 hard-boiled eggs
Mayonnaise and vegetable oil on taste


Peel potatoes, cut into medium cubes.
Place a layer of potato cubes on a serving dish, sprinkle with vegetable oil.
Slice 1 herring fillet into small cuts,
Put them over the potato layer.
Peel onions, cut into small cubes, and put 1/3 on the herring layer.
Put a thin layer of mayo over the onions.
Peel and grate egg whites and egg yolks separately.
Put a layer of grated egg whites over the mayo layer.
Peel and grate beets.
Put ½ grated beets, as a layer over the egg whites layer.
Continue putting the next layers in the same order (potato – herring – onions – mayo – egg whites – beets) until ingredients run out.
Decorate with a mayonnaise layer, sprinkle with grated cheese and grated egg yolks.


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