Saturday, January 06, 2007

Winter Salad


½ lb boiled meat
2/3 lb boiled potatoes
3 medium pickled cucumbers
1 hard-boiled egg
Mayonnaise on taste
1 medium boiled beet
1 medium boiled carrot
2 tbsp pickled fruits or berries
2 tbsp meat jelly


Cut the meat, potatoes, and cucumbers into same-size cuts.
Grate the egg.
Mix the meat, potatoes, egg, and cucumbers with the mayo.
Put the mix in the middle of a large flat plate.
Cut peeled beets and carrots into decorative pieces (stars, stripes, rings, etc.)
Put the vegetable cuts around the salad.
Cut the meat jelly into cubes.
Sprinkle the salad with meat jelly cubes and pickled berries, and serve.


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